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Team Training & Testing

Get movement and performance data for your entire team. 

  • Vertical Jump

  • Laser-timed sprints, and more

2020 was tough on just about everyone. We feel extremely fortunate that we were able to grow during the year, and to give back, I'm going to volunteer my time to


That's right. I'll be an unpaid volunteer assistant coach to a club soccer team this spring. I will choose the team from the list of applicants and will assist throughout the entire spring club season. There are some things to consider before you apply.

  • The team must be 16+ age group

  • I will not advise athletes on technical & tactical training. That is the role of the head / assistant coaches.

  • I will design all aspects of the fitness of the team: 

    • conditioning, sprint planning, warm-ups, and on-field preparation

  • If you are not comfortable relinquishing that responsibility to me, please do not apply.

  • I will not tolerate "punishment conditioning" such as running, burpees, lunges, etc.

  • I will coordinate with the coaches to create a program that fits the style of play with the player assets on the team.

  • I will conduct regular performance testing of all athletes on the team:

    • Vertical jumping, long jumping, laser-timed sprint​s, etc.

  • I will own any data that is collected and I retain the right to share the date, use the data for future advertising, and training program creation.

  • Athletes will have to honestly fill out regular questionnaires and follow training recommendations.

  • Athletes will not be able to participate in competing fitness training during the season.

If you're comfortable with the above requirements, and you're interested in developing better athletes, don't delay and apply below.

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