ATHLETIC Performance Training


we're pleased to announce that we have teamed up with teambuildr to deliver our training programs to athletes anywhere through our app! 


Whether you play a team or individual sport, our training programs can be delivered directly to your phone to guide you through every step of the way!

We would like to welcome all the runners from around the world to our program. Helping you run pain-free while improving your speed is our priority. 

No matter if you train at home or at a gym, our training app will provide you with a training program that challenges you while taking in to consideration your specific needs.

individual Teambuildr Pricing

3 Month Plan

Perfect for Pre-Season Preparation, or Preparation for a specific event.


6 Month Plan

This is ideal for a Pre-Season and In-Season Program. We coordinate and integrate with the athlete's practice, game, and travel schedules.


Yearly Plan

The Yearly Plan allows us to guide and monitor all aspects of the athlete's training. We coordinate and integrate with the athlete's practice, game, and travel schedules.


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Our In-Person Athletic Performance Training is available for competitive athletes. every year, We work with more than 100 athletes from more than 20 area high schools, more than two dozen colleges, and several professional teams from a variety of sports including:

  • Baseball

  • Soccer

  • Volleyball

  • Softball

  • Cross Country

We take a holistic approach to training our athletes and our priorities include:

  • Athlete Health

  • Age & Skill-Appropriate Training

  • Quality Movement vs How much weight our athletes can lift

  • Building a solid Foundation of movement quality and strength

  • Educating our athletes 

  • Regular speed training

**Each strength session is

approximately one hour in length.

**Each Athlete must go through an initial Movement & power Screening Prior to starting training.

**Every athlete Receives their own training plan based on their abilities and needs.

  • Screening cost - $75

  • Training 2x/wk - $75/month

  • Training 3x/wk - $109/month

To inquire about our athletic performance training groups, email us at drew@wattsperformancesystems.com